Senjka “RoxorLoops” Danhieux

Professional beatboxer and Vocal Artist.

Phoenix Perry

Founder of Game Liberation Foundation

Linda Green

Director, Leading Creative Talent, Former Head of BBC Creative Leadership

Sandra Huygen

Energy Therapy & Management Expert

Julien de Wit

Searching for Life in the Universe

Michela Magas

EU Woman Innovator 2017

Alexis Eggermont

Big data scientist

Philippe Coucke

Head of radiation therapy

Nicolas Demassieux

Senior VP Orange Labs Research

Louis-Philippe Loncke

Reflexive Explorer

Bjorn Tagemose

Photographer / Director

Kirsten Fiedler

Managing Director of European Digital Rights

Marc-André Hénin

Organic farmer

Anne Nihant

Chocolates and values designer

Edwin Joassart

Founder of Playground

Julien Penders

Digital health entrepreneur


Yara Al Adib

Surprise Guest

Erwin Schöpges

Agriculteur et Producteur de lait

Ronnie Belmans

Executive Director of Global SmartGrid Federation and CEO of EnergyVille

Lionel Dricot (Ploum)

Blogger, Writer, Engineer and Futurist


Stand-up Comedian

Eric Rodriguez

Serial entrepreneur & Engineer

Élodie Orbaen

Para-Climbing World Champion

David Martin

Chef étoilé

Steven Laureys

Director of the Coma Science Group

Idriss Aberkane

Knowledge Economy, Biomimicry and Cognitive Neurosciences Expert

Karin Kollenz-Quétard

Entrepreneur and Professor of Strategy & Innovation

L’Enfant Pavé

Musical Artist

Dominique Mangiatordi

Gamification Expert

Marion Poizeau

Freelance filmmaker


Martin Saive


Gaëtan Streel

Belgian Artist

Olivier Pirnay (Oli)

Belgian Press Cartoonist
Les Humeurs d'Oli

Richard Mardens

A paddle for the St Lawrence's expedition

Christine Zimmermann-Loessl

Association for Vertical Farming

Philippe Gabant

Founder & CSO
Syngulon SA

Dimitri Laboury

Senior Research Associate FNRS
University of Li

Claire Nouvian

Director & Founder

Grégoire van Cutsem

Head of Communication, Marketing & Sales
Lampiris Group

Sylvain Lodiot

Rosetta Spacecraft Operations Manager
European Space Agency

Koen Delvaux

Head of Consumer Innovation

Jamie Anderson

Professor of Strategic Management

Dorothée Goffin

Co Founder
Smart Gastronomy Lab

Damien Ernst

Professor University of Liège

Ozark Henry

Belgian singer, songwriter, composer and producer


Nathalie Delzenne

Head of the Research Group in Metabolism and Nutrition.
Louvain Drug Research Institute Universit

Jacques G. Verly

Engineer, professor, entrepreneur
University of Liege, Belgium

Augustin de Bellefroid

Live composer, Entrepreneur

Isabella Lenarduzzi

Founding & Managing Director
JUMP “Empowering Women, Advancing the Economy”

Régis Lemmens

Phd: Author

Gauthier Chapelle

Biomimetic consultant & speaker
Biomimicry Europa

Thomas Ketchell

Entrepreneur / EdTech / History

Rodolphe Sepulchre

Professor of engineering
Cambridge University

Vincent Keunen

Software engineer and entrepreneur

Ella Jamsin

Circular economy analyst
Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Marleen Temmerman

Director of Reproductive Health and Research Department
World Health Organisation

Kris Hoet

Head of Innovation
Duval Guillaume

Peter Verbiest

Group Strategic Director

Luc Schuiten

The visionary architect

Carsten Engel

Biomedical Engineer & Researcher


Belgian electro-analog solo act

Fred Colantonio

Professional speaker, consultant and published author

Bernard Rentier

University Rector, Open Science crusader, Virologist-Immunologist
University of Liege (ULg)

François Pernot

CEO of Dargaud-Lombard

    François Damas

    Chairman of the ethic committee
    CHR Citadelle

    Christian Homsy