Didier Jaba Mathieu


Futuristic abstract mathematics, alphabetical constructivism, brutally refined.
The art of Didier.Jaba Mathieu grows from his extensive travels and background as a graffiti writer which is evident in the complex alchemy of his illustrations and digital paintings. Born in Armenia, Colombia, Jaba moved to Liège, Belgium at the age of 14 to further his studies at St. Luc Institution of Arts specializing in illustration. He exhibited widely in art galleries around Europe and South America before relocation to Singapore to join Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), a division of Lucasfilm Ltd where he worked as a concept artist and digi-matte painter on feature films such as Transformers, Iron Man and Star Trek.
Jaba continues to practice on multidisciplinary levels and participates in countless graffiti performances all over Europe, South America, Africa and Asia. As an extension to his enthusiasm and enery for illustration, Jaba also lectured at Nanyan Polytechnic, Singapore, focusing on Matte Painting, Environment and Character Design.
He has just published ENEMIES, a graphic novel released in 2015 with Ankama Editions France.