Dorothée Goffin

Co Founder
Smart Gastronomy Lab

M.Sc. in Chemistry and Bio-industry and D.S. in agronomical sciences and biological engineering from the University of Liège (Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech), Dorothée Goffin has a very diversified and multidisciplinary scientific experience. Passionate scientist craving for new knowledge and experience, she early realized the importance of “thinking out of the box”, exploring other fields and considering societal issues. After managing different scientific valorization projects, she developed, during her PhD thesis, innovative health ingredients produced through a process inspired by nature. She then developed a start-up project around these ingredients acting on gut, bone health and immunity and therefor received numerous prices and grants. She integrated the Innovation and Creativity Unit in 2013 which aims to promote creative best practices inside the university and completed her skills with certificates in creativity, innovation, change and business management. She then developed and co-created with the 1st vice-rector, Eric Haubruge, the first Living Lab in Wallonia, the Smart Gastronomy Lab which is a use, co-creation and prototyping multidisciplinary lab for food, technologic and gastronomic innovation.