Élodie Orbaen

Para-Climbing World Champion

Having a birth defect at the left  leg and hip ( left leg was 25 cm shorter than the right) and my femur was weak. I could not walk and I had a prosthesis at 1 year old.
Between 2 and 15 years old, I endured many operations to consolidate my bone and to prepare my leg to be strong.
At 11, I had external fixators to extend my femur.
After many many hours to learn how to walk with a « new leg », the situation has stabilized.

Rock climbing has always been part of my life. Outside, on rocks, or inside, this sport, which is also a way of life, carried me up throughout my life. It allowed me to evolve in a world where I was able to fully be myself and have my own place : adapting movements, supports, strength , balance… in the same way as any other person facing a combination of climbing holds. The only difference being that I always have to innovate, to find my own solutions , to use a few detours to get to the top. A daily challenge!