Flora Clodic-Tanguy

Mobilization accelerator

Flora Clodic-Tanguy aims to create ties, using communication tools to serve the social and environmental causes that are dear to her (ecology, social connections, neurodiversity …). She has one goal : to make her personal centers of interest as a citizen and her professional activities converge.

A word-lover, she helps project leaders to convey their vision in order to reach and mobilize as many people as possible. She also sees a great vector of communication and mobilization in crowdfunding, and has already managed several successful crowdfunding campaigns.

Since 2016, she has been working on “Au Bonheur des Zèbres”, an international network (France, Belgium, Switzerland …), a series of events and a book she is writing about the ways atypical personalities transform the world. To her and to the many people she meets on the project, lucidity and the search for coherence are both factors of vulnerability and powerful assets.