Isabella Lenarduzzi

Founding & Managing Director
JUMP “Empowering Women, Advancing the Economy”

Isabella Lenarduzzi has been a social entrepreneur (she is Ashoka Fellow), an expert in communication, event and conference organisation for more than 25 years. Her areas of interest include women empowerment, education, training, entrepreneurship, innovation and European integration (EU advocacy).
Isabella launched JUMP “Empowering Women, Advancing the Economy” in 2006.
JUMP offers women practical tools to help them realise their professional and personal aspirations, and supports companies and organisations that wish to promote better gender diversity within their management. JUMP has an office in Brussels, in Paris and a team of 12 persons.

She got several awards, here are some:

  • Nominee in 1992 as the woman of the year in Belgium
  • Wimadame award (France) called “European female entrepreneur of the year” in 2010
  • “Femme d’Exception” (Woman of exception) in 2011 by the Belgian Minister for Equal Opportunities Joëlle Milquet
  • “Tof de la comm” ‘Award for event communication in June 2011
  • “Women inspiring Europe” in 2012 by the European Institute for Gender Equality