Judith Biernaux

PhD in Space Sciences

Judith Biernaux just completed her PhD in Space Sciences, on the topic of dark matter in galaxies. She is fascinated by the mysteries of the Universe, its origins, what it is made of, and how humble humans can better understand it. You could call her a science geek. She loves exploring the science behind everything she encounters, from the movies she watches to the food she eats. This boundless curiosity drove her through a bachelor’s degree in Physics and a master’s degree in Space Sciences, both at the University of Liège.

What she finds most fulfilling in this scientific journey is science popularisation. She loves discussing science, especially with youngsters, as they tend to shift your mindset and keep your brain sharp through their insightful questions. For that reason, she is also a language enthusiast, as a new language gives you a new perspective on the world.

When she is not doing any of this, she can be found hiking, cooking, or drinking tea by a fire with a cat/dog on her lap.