Julien Penders

Digital health entrepreneur

Julien Penders is Co-Founder and COO at Bloomlife, where he’s driving the future of prenatal health using wearable technologies and predictive analytics. Passionate entrepreneur in digital and mobile health, Julien is committed to the development of technologies that empower people with their own health, towards disease prevention and a healthier life. Julien brings a unique experience gained while pioneering the field of wearable technologies at IMEC, where he started, grew and directed a multidisciplinary international team.

Prior to co-founding Bloom, Julien was Program Director at IMEC where he led the wearable healthcare activities for North America, and Program Manager at the Holst Centre / IMEC, where he was in charge of the activities on Body Area Networks. Julien has led wearable health projects for market leaders in both the medical and consumer spaces. Examples include the development of a cardiac monitoring patch that was successfully taken to FDA, and the development of the reference sensor module for Samsung’s smart watch (Simband) platform.

Julien has (co-)authored over 60 papers and 15 patents in the field of wearable technologies and connected health. He has been a keynote or invited speakers at multiple public events and conferences. He is general co-chair for the IEEE Biomedical and Health Informatics conference, serves on the IEEE Technical Committee on Biomedical Health Informatics, and sits on the Program Committees for several international conferences. Julien holds a M.Sc. Degree in Systems Engineering from University of Liege, Belgium (2004), and a M.Sc. Degree in Biomedical Engineering from Boston University, MA (2006) and was a 2004/2005 fellow of the Belgian American Educational Foundation.