L’Enfant Pavé

Musical Artist

While L’Enfant Pavé is still  being a MC for Starflam who was back on stage during summer 2015 and asides from (excellent) acting performances in « Genova 1 » and « Bloody niggers »,L’ Enfant Pavé has recorded his first solo album under the moniker of King Lee.
King Lee appeared in 2006 with smashing new material and the purpose to replay Hip-Hop productions on stage with real instruments.

He dropped 3 albums since 2006 with King Lee.

In 2016 he will happily celebrate Ten years of King Lee through a serie of 10 events ( Concerts, exhibitions, new album,…)

The TEDx Conference is one of them.
This sonic kaleidoscope reveals a true artist, an early member of international hip hop culture, part of the scene since the very beginning.Beside to be a MC, he’s also an actor , a director , and a Radio host on Radio Rectangle.