Michela Magas

EU Woman Innovator 2017

She co-founded Stromatolite Design Innovation Lab in 2000, developing futures concepts for international clients including Apple, Nike and Nokia – stromatolite.com. Her practice-based PhD research investigated music interpretation systems and led to her co-authoring Sonaris, an innovative music search technology, as well as launching the Open Product Licenses, enabling design by attribution. Michela directed MIReS.cc, investigating the future of music technology with seven top European research centres. She founded the global Music Tech Fest – musictechfest.org, which brings music industry, SMEs, innovators and researchers under one roof. Her work has received the ‘art meets science’ NEM art award twice, several TSB and EU FP7 awards, and was selected for the exhibition showcasing the best of British innovation at the Science Museum during the London Olympics.