Olivier Pirnay (Oli)

Olivier Pirnay (Oli) is a Belgian press cartoonist. For almost 6 years, he has been drawing the news of the world one day at a time in columns named « Les Humeurs d’Oli ». At first, he seduced local press like Le Poiscaille and La Meuse. His growing success brought him to work with private and public companies (SWDE, Enseignons.be, CGSP…) and politics, to finally focus exclusively on newspapers . He now works for the national daily pages of Sudpresse. Oli tries to give his own vision of the world and make people reflect upon and through his drawings. This illustrator is also a former graphic designer who worked 10 years for a Belgian holiday company, Ardennes-Etape.

Richard Mardens

Having a passion for nature and the great outdoor Richard Mardens is a trained biologist who has always been attracted by adventure and discovering. By the years he obtained a complementary master in sciences and environmental management, became a dive instructor and specialized himself on marine mammals.
From Asia to the Alps, through Africa, Australia, Iceland, Georgia, and the Canadian Rockies he traveled to explore, to learn, to meet new people, new cultures, to study more species and also to learn more about himself. Today He focuses to put his skills and experience to benefit the environment.
After a while spent in Québec he co-founded « A paddle for the St-Lawrence » an expedition to discover and share the St-Lawrence river convinced the the beauty and the richness of the world sometimes need to be highlighted.
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Christine Zimmermann-Loessl

Studying political science, sinology and philosophy at the Ludwig Maximilan Universität in Munich, was the starting point for my interest in Asia. Working  in different  Asian countries as a teacher, consultant and in trading companies gave me experience and deeper insight in the culture and people. When I returned to Germany I benefited from this as a project manager for risk analysis and crisis management. Networking came always easy to me, so I founded the Asia Network Information Center – combining my talents for own projects with research and new ideas. As the representative for the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in China I profited again from my experience in different areas and lead a German-Chinese Management Institute. I initiated environmental protection and poverty alleviation projects, as well as I was engaged in women programs. After returning to Germany I needed to focus on family matters till I started again with consulting. Inspired by my sons interests in Vertical Farming I got involved in this fascinating topic, which seemed to offer solutions for so many problems and my decision was clear to get involved and support it with all my experience and my networks – we founded the Association for Vertical Farming to introduce and push the implementation of Vertical Farming around the world.

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Philippe Gabant

Dr Philippe Gabant, is one of the founder and the CSO of Syngulon SA. Syngulon is a startup in synthetic biology founded in 2013.

Philippe holds a PhD in Molecular Biology from the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) and a Master in Management de l’Innovation from HEC Saint Louis (Brussels, Belgium).

During his academic research career he was involved has an inventor in the development of a portfolio of genetic selection patented technologies. One of these technologies belonging to ULB was licensed to Life technologies and is on the market since 1995 it is today a world standard for DNA assembly method: Gateway technology, TOPO cloning,…

Philippe Gabant is one of the founders of Delphi Genetics and the former CEO of the company (2001-2010) he has been in charge of the business development of the company from 2010 and June 2012. Philippe was involved in IP based business agreements including license negotiations and business alliances with major pharmaceutical companies including Sanofi-Pasteur, GSK and Merck.

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Dimitri Laboury

Dimitri Laboury is Senior Research Associate of the Belgian National Foundation for Scientific Research (F.R.S.-FNRS) at the University of Liège, where he is head of the Ancient Egyptian Art Historical Research Unit and teaches Ancient Egyptian Art History, Archaeology, History and History of Religions. He took part to several archaeological expeditions in Egypt and co-directs the Belgian Archaeological Mission in the Theban Necropolis (Luxor, Upper Egypt). He specialized in the study of Ancient Egyptian thought and cultural history through the art of that civilization. His last book was devoted to a new biography of king Akhenaton (Paris, 2010), already available in Spanish and to be translated soon in English, and he is currently working on artists, their practices, and their social status(es) in Ancient Egypt.

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Claire Nouvian

Claire Nouvian is director and founder of the nonprofit conservation organization BLOOM, based in Paris and Hong Kong. Her research and activities focus on deep-sea fisheries and shark consumption habits. In Asia, Nouvian and BLOOM’s co-workers aim to improve the degraded conservation status of shark populations by ultimately making shark fin soup a socially unacceptable dish. Nouvian’s approach is designed to make corporations act as trend-setters in society, specifically the luxury segment of the hospitality industry, andto make the banning of shark dishes part of corporate policy. In Europe, Nouvian is dedicated to studying the nature of deep-sea fishing. Her work on this topic has included the organization of a press conference and “science tour” of political entities, a scientific workshop on deep-sea fisheries in an ecosystem-based context, and a legal workshop on deep-sea bottom trawling. She conducted a detailed analysis on the few remaining deep-sea fishing companies in France to reveal that despite receiving substantial public subsidies, the three main fleet owners are chronically unprofitable. While producing this analysis, Nouvian identified public aid to French fisheries as an area worthy of in-depth research and increased transparency.

Before starting BLOOM, Nouvian worked in television production and journalism, specializing in wildlife and scientific documentaries. She spent an extended period filming in the jungles of Asia, Africa, and South America and eventually contracted two tropical diseases. Luckily Nouvian had already discovered a fascination with the deep sea. Her convalescence allowed her to craft a book, The Deep, published in 2006, and an exhibition of the same name, opened in 2007 at the Natural History Museum in Paris, which present the best specimens, pictures, and film clips that have been gathered by oceanographers over the past 20-25 years.

Today, the exhibition and book have reached more than a billion people. Additionally, Nouvian is involved with education through art and science projects engaging students. She lectures on deep-sea fisheries, fisheries negotiations, public fisheries subsidies, and sustainable development communication strategy at several universities including University of Geneva, Sciences Po (Public Affairs and Environmental Diplomacy), AgroParisTech/ENGREF, University of Hong Kong, University of Rhode Island, and University of Zagreb. While wonder drew her to the depths of the ocean, finding out about deep-sea fishing prompted Nouvian to focus on combating destructive fishing practices. She developed BLOOM as a base to put an end to deep-sea bottom trawling and advocate before governments and institutions in favor of the protection of the ocean’s depths. Nouvian holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in history from Sorbonne University in Paris.

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Grégoire van Cutsem

Marketeer of the Year 2014, head of communication, marketing and sales, Grégoire van Cutsem has been working for Lampiris group for nearly 5 years. He developed a unique marketing approach in the world of energy, based on strong brand values, which live daily through the actions that take the company.

Since the liberalisation of the energy market in Belgium, Lampiris has established itself as the green energy provider reference.

With a Finance background, Grégoire van Cutsem has built most of his career in marketing in the mobile telecoms sector. His experience as a Pricing Manager drove Grégoire to be the B2B marketing manager at Proximus for several years. Now head of sales and marketing at Lampiris (Belgian 100% green and natural  electricity and gas provider), it’s with a true « challenger strategy » that Grégoire and his team stand out on a market dominated by international groups. Whether it’s at work, in sports or through associative activities, Grégoire goes by his values of team spirit, passion, enthusiasm and commitment.

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Sylvain Lodiot

Sylvain Lodiot works for the European Space Agency.
He has been involved in several projects, but the Rosetta mission has always been present in his professional career.
Since April 2014 he is the Rosetta Spacecraft Operations Manager. 2014 has been a fascinating year for Rosetta and space exploration starting with the probe wake up from hibernation in January, followed by the arrival at the Comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko in August and the Landing of Philae on the Comet in November.

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Koen Delvaux

Koen Delvaux is a senior manager who has a background in both startups and corporate organisations. Today he is heading the consumer innovation department of Proximus, Belgium’s largest telco. His team brings new products to the market using lean startup principles, together with an ecosystem of partners. Before joining Proximus, Koen was active as an independent management consultant in the areas of innovation, social media, customer centricity and digital marketing. He has experience in several sectors like energy, telecommunications, media and retail. He was a founder and coach of several internet startups and stays in touch with the world by blogging about his experiences.

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Jamie Anderson

Jamie Anderson is jointly Professor of Strategic Management at Antwerp Management School and the Lorange Institute of Business, Zurich and Visiting Professor at London Business School. Named as a “management guru” in the Financial Times, Jamie has also been included on a list of the world’s “top 25 management thinkers” by the journal Business Strategy Review.

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