Philippe Baret

Professor at Université de Louvain and Dean of the Faculty of bioengineers

Philippe Baret is an agricultural engineer specialized in tropical crops. Professor at the Université de Louvain and dean of the Faculty of bioengineers, he developed different research programmes on genetic diversity, bioinformatics and agroecology. Field work with farmers in Africa (Burkina Faso, Kivu, Burundi, Rwanda) and in Belgium was very influential on his career. He is convinced that new models of agriculture are the key of a transition of our food systems. To explore these new models, he proposed a new approach based on the analysis of the lock-ins in the agricultural and food systems and on the identification of the pathways of transition within the diversity of the extant farming systems.

He co-funded the Groupe interdisciplinaire de recherches en agroecologie, GIRAF and was expert for EFSA and  the Belgian Biosafety Council. Philippe Baret is president of the NGO SOS Faim.