Senjka “RoxorLoops” Danhieux

Professional beatboxer and Vocal Artist.

Professional beatboxer and Vocal Artist.
Winner of ‘Blue Note Award’ and the ‘BeatBox Special Award’, Belgian and Vice World Champion
Beatbox, and soloist at the Royal Academy for Music in Aalborg (Denmark).
Jury in 3 World Beatbox Championships and over 30 national Beatbox Championships
Teacher of over 800 workshops and lessons (Real Festival, Vocal Jazz Summit, Europa Cantat, London
A Cappella Festival, Aarhus Vocal Festival, Stanford University…)
Vocal percussionist for Witloof Bay (Eurosong 2011), Bruk Braders, Vox North and Zap Mama.
Guest performances for The Real Group, Swingle Singers, Leveleleven, Voces8, Clouseau, Lady Linn…
Creating/performing in Theater and Dance shows: Les Daltoniens, Urban Nomads and Shobana
Jeyasingh dance company.
Band member and creator of ‘Beatoxic’, ‘Bruk Braders’ and ‘Wait A Minute’.
Loves Gaming