Sandra Huygen

Energy Therapy & Management Expert

Sandra HUYGEN is Consultant in the natural health sector, Energy Therapy expert, Professional Executive Certified Coach, Trainer, Speaker, Author and a Happy mother of 2 adorable red haired kids (her sun shines)

Throughout her life quest and her education (PhD in Life Sciences, MBA, Masters in energy therapy & International Master Coaching degrees), she specialized in connecting people, projects and companies with their highest & healthiest sustainable natural potential. She brings vision, strategy, senior expertise, energy & coherence in people, in management & companies to build a well-balanced and thriving work experience. She focuses on sustainable true self, excellence in an organic & authentic personal development, and both values- & results-oriented forceful organizations.

Sandra is a passionate woman who follows her heart and intuition fully dedicated to empowering people and reconnecting them with their highest energy, highest self, and striving life forces.