Steven Hearn

Culture of tomorrow

Graduate in economics, philosophy and art history, Steven Hearn has developed extensive experience in the field of cultural and social strategies. Its activities – including agencies Le troisième pôle, Mondara with IMA, CultuRégie and Alimentation Générale, Gaîté Lyrique until 2016, cinemas Saint-André-des-Arts in Paris and Galeries in Brussels, concert halls Le Trabendo and Espace Tchif in Cotonou or the magazine Tsugi …- are grouped together in one structure, Scintillo (, in order to pool skills and means.

Scintillo also develops platforms to accelerate cultural projects (integrating Créatis, SMartFr, KissKissBankBank, Ici Montreuil …) in France, Europe and French-speaking Africa.

On June 25, 2014, Steven Hearn presented a ministerial report on the development of cultural enterprises in France. He is also the Général Delegate for Culture of the SOS Group (, administrator of Arcadi, and Forum European Lab.