Vincent Keunen

Software engineer and entrepreneur

I’m a software engineer and entrepreneur. I live in Belgium, on earth and in cyberspace. I’m Manex CEO and Lampiris CIO. I eat organic food. I’m concerned by health and the environment. I’m left and right brained. I love life and people (most of the time – I also need to be alone). I seek balance in life.

After studying civil engineering (master in computer science) at the University of Liège, I started my carreer as a researcher in artificial intelligence at that same university.  My research interests were natural language processing and generation, expert systems and how the brain works.  I then switched to the IT services industry in a “small » local company named NRB that grew from 30 to 800 persons in 15 years.

I then gradually started my own company (Manex) to focus on software development.

Since mid 2010, we are building the full IT platform for Lampiris and, hopefully, participating in their incredible growth (yes, it’s crazy to code at the speed of an exploding business!…).  Lampiris is the first of the alternative energy players in Belgium and is currently experiencing great growth in France.  We are also planning a revolutionary project in the software for energy sector… stay tuned!