Yara Al Adib

Surprise Guest

Like many Middle Eastern citizens, Yara is a traveler: born in Syria, raised in Kuwait, gained a design education in Lebanon and Italy, and currently based in Belgium, her new home. Traveling between the Middle East and Europe, Yara gained a scent of both regions in culture and academics to give her an international passport and perspective on life. The more she traveled, the more convinced she became that she could act as a mediator between the two distinctive, yet similar worlds.

“A designer designed to create change,” Yara deploys her travel lessons, design profession, and drive for positive change to express herself. Being in Europe, today, and experiencing the immigration crisis, Yara is on a peaceful mission to encourage knowledge transfer and tolerance amongst the refugees and locals in Europe.

“We are all citizens of the world and not all of us we fortune enough to be born in a stable and safe country, Europe please empathise with those coming from war zone and give them the chance and space to shine and prove themselves. Believe me, they have potential »