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2016 Edition - Rebellion


Salle Philharmonique
Boulevard Piercot, 25-27
4000 Liège

Date & Time

Date: 08/04/2016
Time: 13:00 Sharp to 20:30

Public Transport

From Guillemins Station
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Please meet the speakers of the 2016 edition: Rebellion!

We will be releasing speaker names weekly!

Erwin Schöpges

Agriculteur et Producteur de lait

Marion Poizeau

Freelance filmmaker

Eric Rodriguez

Serial entrepreneur & Engineer


Stand-up Comedian

Élodie Orbaen

Para-Climbing World Champion

L’Enfant Pavé

Artist (AKA King Lee)

David Martin

Chef étoilé

Lionel Dricot (Ploum)

Blogger, Writer, Engineer and Futurist

Idriss Aberkane

Knowledge Economy, Biomimicry and Cognitive Neurosciences Expert

Ronnie Belmans

Executive Director of Global SmartGrid Federation and CEO of EnergyVille

Karin Kollenz-Quétard

Entrepreneur and Professor of Strategy & Innovation

Dominique Mangiatordi

Gamification Expert

Steven Laureys

Director of the Coma Science Group

Yara Al Adib

Surprise Guest

Speakers of the previous editions

2015 Edition: Moonshot

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Sponsors & partners

Without the generous support, both financial and moral, of our event partners TEDx Liège would not be possible. When we embarked on our TEDx journey it was paramount for us to have partners that shared similar philosophies to us, namely: community activism, transmitting of transformative ideas, the desire to foster cooperation and collaboration in our city, and beyond, and the willingness to take chances.

We haven’t finished our journey yet though and we are always seeking partners that have a passion for Liège and a passion to look at the hurdles we have as a city, and as individuals, to overcome. We are seeking organizations whose experience we can lean on, corporations whose ties we can utilize and groups whose visions align with ours.

If you feel you company shares these values please feel free to contact us.

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