Yara Al Adib

Like many Middle Eastern citizens, Yara is a traveler: born in Syria, raised in Kuwait, gained a design education in Lebanon and Italy, and currently based in Belgium, her new home. Traveling between the Middle East and Europe, Yara gained a scent of both regions in culture and academics to give her an international passport and perspective on life. The more she traveled, the more convinced she became that she could act as a mediator between the two distinctive, yet similar worlds.

“A designer designed to create change,” Yara deploys her travel lessons, design profession, and drive for positive change to express herself. Being in Europe, today, and experiencing the immigration crisis, Yara is on a peaceful mission to encourage knowledge transfer and tolerance amongst the refugees and locals in Europe.

“We are all citizens of the world and not all of us we fortune enough to be born in a stable and safe country, Europe please empathise with those coming from war zone and give them the chance and space to shine and prove themselves. Believe me, they have potential »

Gaëtan Bouillet

Eternal Child recently certified with a Master in Public relations and a Master in Management Science (UCL – LSM), I have always been fascinated by the beautiful world of extreme sports.
Since I am a kid, I always jump around, climb, run, make myself some sport challenges outside… I never stopped playing.At the age of 10, I began gymnastics but I only felt in love 8 years later with a new « sport activity », which was fitting perfectly my adventurous mind and my wish to constantly re-appropriate my body and my environment : Freerunning.
After a long training and during my University studies, I had the possibility to travel the world to practice Freerunning for a lot of events, jams, workshops and competitions. I organized many choreographed shows for the television, festivals, commercials or companies (Belgium’s Got Talent (finalist), Brussels Summer Festival, European Commission, BMW, Galeries Lafayette, etc.). I also took part into world competitions as a judge in 2010 (Vienna), 2012 (Verzasca, Santorin) and competed a few years to finish for example first in speed at the European competition: Parcouring (Berlin – 2011), or third at the world competition “Red Bull Art of Motion (Santorin – 2011).  These different experiences made me understand more clearly the « extreme sport » philosophy and the spirit that shares the practitioners.

François Gemenne

François Gemenne is FNRS senior research associate at the University of Liège, and he is also the executive director of the interdisciplinary research programme Politics of the Earth at Sciences Po (Médialab) in Paris. A specialist of environmental geopolitics and migration dynamics, he also lectures on environmental and migration policies in various universities, including Sciences Po (Paris and Grenoble) and the Free University of Brussels.

His research deals mostly with environmental and migration governance. He has worked in particular with populations displaced by environmental changes, including natural disasters, and the policies of adaptation to climate change. He has conducted field studies in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina, Tuvalu, China, Kyrgyzstan, the Maldives, Mauritius and Japan, after the Fukushima disaster.

He has been involved in a large number of international research projects on these issues, including EACH-FORHELIX and MECLEP, for which he is the global research coordinator. He also coordinated the DEVAST project, one of the first international projects to examine the social and political consequences of the Fukushima disaster. In 2015, he was recipient of a Fulbright scholarship to pursue research atPrinceton University.

He has also been the scientific advisor of the exhibition ‘Native Land. Stop Eject’ at the Fondation Cartier pour l’Art Contemporain, in Paris. He has consulted for several organisations, including the International Organisation of Migration (IOM), the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the World Bank, the ACP Observatory on Migration and the British government (Foresight). In 2010, he was awarded the ISDT-Wernaers Prize for achievement in the communication of science to the general public.

He holds a joint doctorate in political science from Sciences Po Paris and the University of Liege (Belgium). He also holds a Master in Development, Environment and Societies from the University of Louvain, as well as a Master of Research in Political Science from the London School of Economics. Between 2008 and 2010, he was awarded a post-doctoral scholarship from the AXA Research Fund. He has published in various journals, including Science and Global Environmental Change, and has authored six books, amongst which ‘Géopolitique du Climat’(Armand Colin, 2009 & 2015) as well ‘The Anthropocene and the Global Environmental Crisis’ (edited with C. Hamilton and C. Bonneuil, Routledge 2015). He is currently preparing an Atlas of Environmental Migration with D. Ionesco et D. Mokhnacheva (Routledge 2016)

He is also the director of the Sustainable Development series at Presses de Sciences Po, a leading French academic publisher, and the president of Ecosphere, a Brussels-based think-tank on environmental issues and human rights.

Erwin Schöpges

Erwin Schöpges est agriculteur et producteur de lait. Il est également le porte-parole du syndicat agricole MIG. Le MIG est une association de producteurs de lait belges défendant différents objectifs pour la mise en place d’une filière de production durable

Ronnie Belmans

Ronnie Belmans received his MSc degree in electrical engineering in 1979 and a PhD degree in 1984, both from KU Leuven, Belgium. In 1989 he added a Special Doctorate from the KU Leuven and in 1993 a ‘Habilitierung’, from the RWTH, Aachen, Germany. Currently, Ronnie Belmans is full professor at KU Leuven, teaching techno-economical aspects of power systems, electrical energy and regulatory affairs, among others. His research interests include smart grids, security of energy supply and the techno-economic aspects of the liberalization of the electricity market.

Within Belgium, Prof. Dr. Ir. Ronnie Belmans is vice president of the KU Leuven Energy Institute as well as cofounder and CEO of EnergyVille, a research collaboration in Genk specializing in energy in smart cities and buildings, in cooperation with VITO and imec.

On a global scale he is executive director of the Global Smart Grids Federation (GSGF).

Ronnie Belmans is also honorary chairman of the board of directors of ELIA, the Belgian transmission system operator.

Lionel Dricot (Ploum)

Mostly known as Ploum, Lionel Dricot is a blogger, writer, engineer and futurist. He likes to write about our potential futures and talk about the impact of new technologies on our society. He blogs on www.ploum.net.



Un matin du mois de janvier de la formidable année 1978 un événement banal dont l’humanité ne prendra conscience que 30 plus tard se produit. Le même jour Kody aperçoit la lumière pour la première fois et tout le monde est content.

Rapidement formé à faire rire, c’est dans les cours de récréation que le futur humoriste s’illustre par ses joutes verbales. Après plusieurs ateliers d’improvisation, il entame des études de commerce (et les termine) pour revenir quelques années plus tard à ses amours de toujours. Il croise alors la route de Kings of Comedy qui lui propose la première partie du spectacle d’Alexis « I rêve a dream ». Dans le pur style du stand-up à l’’américaine, le contrat est rempli avec brio et Kody rempile d’emblée en tant que maître de cérémonie incontesté des soirées Kings of Comedy Show tout en préparant son propre one man show.

Kody s’’est aussi fait une place à la radio où il anime, tous les dimanches matins avec les autres humoristes de Kings of Comedy et Jean-Jacques Brunin, les « Enfants de Chœur  » sur les ondes de VivaCité.

Roi du stand-up, Kody a la prose dévastatrice. Il mélange le charme et le cynisme avec la précision d’un chirurgien et c’’est en parlant de lui, de sa famille congolaise, de son expérience professionnelle, de son quotidien pas si banal que ça finalement, qu’’il plonge le public dans le monde de l’’humour glamour.

Eric Rodriguez

Eric Rodriguez is a civil engineer from UCL, specialised in computer sciences and artificial intelligence.
He always had strong interests in technical design/architecture, analysis, mathematics and optimisation.
His passion is to be always learning and to use this knowledge combined with new technologies to build tomorrow.
Serial entrepreneur, over the last decade Eric has been busy building startups in a CTO role: auctelia.com, pictawall.com, lex.be and data.be
Enthusiast about new and emerging technologies, he’s also very active in the developer community, taking part to (too) many hackathons and startup weekends.

Élodie Orbaen

Having a birth defect at the left  leg and hip ( left leg was 25 cm shorter than the right) and my femur was weak. I could not walk and I had a prosthesis at 1 year old.
Between 2 and 15 years old, I endured many operations to consolidate my bone and to prepare my leg to be strong.
At 11, I had external fixators to extend my femur.
After many many hours to learn how to walk with a « new leg », the situation has stabilized.

Rock climbing has always been part of my life. Outside, on rocks, or inside, this sport, which is also a way of life, carried me up throughout my life. It allowed me to evolve in a world where I was able to fully be myself and have my own place : adapting movements, supports, strength , balance… in the same way as any other person facing a combination of climbing holds. The only difference being that I always have to innovate, to find my own solutions , to use a few detours to get to the top. A daily challenge!